JotM: Black & Blue Colorblock Powerstretch Super Skinny Guy 31 by Naked and Famous Denim

These were a Fall/Winter 2015 release from Naked & Famous, and the general consensus seems to be that they are hideous abominations. And when I bought them (Jan 2017) it was a spur of the moment completionist collectors impulse; I never really expected to wear them as I don’t really consider myself that fashion forward. And boy-oh-boy if it isn’t a striking look if anyone notices.

I’m not really sure how it happened, but about 3 weeks ago these floated to the front of my closet and I thought “what the hell, I’m not going out today.” Except to walk the dog. And that was OK. So I put them on again a few days later. And that was OK too, even though I had left the house (in daylight) to run some errands.

I’ve now been wearing these nearly every day for 2 weeks and I really rather like them. Part of that is down to the fit, it took me years to figure out but I love and look pretty damn fine in sized up skinny jeans. The power stretch fabric of these ones is pretty great too.

One day in the far future these will have been washed enough that the front panels will be much lighter than the back but by then I might be so old that I don’t care what people think.

Source: Focus: Black + Blue Colorblock Stretch Denim – Tate + Yoko

JotM: Jeans of the Month

While “Scent of the Day” seems to be reasonably well established as a concept, I wanted something similar that would allow me to highlight interesting denim. This is that.

I’m likely to be a bit flexible with the “Month” part, but I do tend to favor different pairs of jeans for a while before either the weather changes or they move to the back of the closet for some other reason.

We will see how it goes.