Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts for Men

I kind of love this whole line, not sure if it’s just the concept or if the fragrances are actually that good or just that good for the price. Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts for Men is by far the one that gets the most hype (apart from maybe South Seas, but you’ll have trouble finding that one for a good price).

St Barts is a great, light summer scent that evokes a Margarita without much, if any, sweetness. Wearing this just makes me smile.

Not really the season for this now, but I’ll add some more thoughts when the weather warms up again.

Notes: Citrus, Tequila, Lime, Sea Spray / Guava Nectar, Blue Agave Tequila / Crushed Greens, Salt, Sea Spray, Vanilla, Palm Wood, Volcanic Musk

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SotD: F by Ferragamo pour Homme Black

Compared to the original F by Ferragamo pour Homme, the Black edition seems to have more presence without deviating too far from the original.

The addition of coriander adds a nice fullness to the spicy pepper heart and the tonka brings a sweetness and heaviness throughout. This one still has that harsh opening moment from the original and potentially deceptive structure where it seems to disappear on the skin but still has projection. The tonka, in particular, seems to help keep something going on near the skin and does lend more of a “going out after work” vibe vs the originals perhaps more “sitting at my desk” tone.

Notes: Lavender, Apple? / Black Pepper, Coriander / Labdanum, Tonka

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SotD: F by Ferragamo Pour Homme

I’ve been wearing F by Ferragamo pour Homme diligently for a few days now, and still can’t decide if it’s great or merely good. But I think I know why now…

A few reviews on Fragrantica seem to perceive a link to Terre d’Hermes that is a bit contentious and doesn’t come through in the notes. Likewise, several reviewers mention that it projects well and is more noticeable by others than by the wearer. Together that makes me think that there is a hefty dose of Iso E Super or one of its non-IFF analogs.

In the end, F is pleasant, clean and subtle with just enough edge from the pepper notes to have a unique-ish character. Next, I’ll probably move on to the flankers 🙂

Notes: Lavender, Apple / Black Pepper / Labdanum, Leather?, Amber?

on Basenotes and Fragrantica